Villa Carolina

Disconnect at any time of the year

Each season of the year has its special charm, and it makes it wonderful to enjoy a getaway to nature, to disconnect from reality: autumn, winter, spring and summer. So much so that spring and summer travelers return in autumn and winter and vice versa, because the sensation and inner peace, produced by the mixture of smells, saltpeter and the vegetation typical of each season, make this house and environment one option to always choose. In the middle of nature, sheltered by the mountainside, and with the uniqueness of Galicia, where the sea enters the mountains, this wonderful villa is located on the beach. The area in which it is located has been declared LIC RED NATURA 2000, a place of community interest for its rich and unique landscape.. The house is located on the border between the Ribeira town hall and Porto do Son. Half of the plot belongs to each council. The Corubedo Natural Park is located in Ribeira, and it belongs to the Barbanza region, in the province of La Coruña..
The house, which was renovated in 2018, is a stately mansion consisting of 2 floors with the following distribution:
  • 5 double rooms (3 facing the sea and 2 facing the mountain) with en-suite bathroom.
      • 3 double beds of 150.
      • 4 120 single beds.
      • All rooms are very spacious.
      • One of them is adapted for people with reduced mobility.
  • 4 bathrooms, one of them with hydromassage.
  • 1 toilet.
  • 1 living room, on two levels, with a large fireplace, television.
  • 1 dining room with access to terrace.
  • Panoramic fireplace.
  • 1 fully equipped kitchen with a built-in living room.
  • 1 game room with billiards.
  • 3 exterior porches, one with sea views, one with pool views and one with mountain views
  • Garden equipped with:
      • Furniture distributed on the terraces
      • A barbecue.
      • A dining area with a terrace.
      • Climatized pool
      • Solarium area in the pool.
  • Parking.
If customers wish, they can hire the daily cleaning service in the house, as well as the person who takes care of the house, cook for them, this must be dealt with on the spot.
The panoramic fireplace invites you to enjoy the beauty of the fire looking at the sea, in any season, it is such a wonder, each season in the villa has its charm. Surrounded by 2,000 m of garden, it has two viewing terraces, one with views of the sea and the other of the mountains. From all spaces you can enjoy the beach and the mountains. With a stately and elegant decoration style, each room and room in the house has a different decoration in which even the smallest detail has been taken care of. The pictures of the rooms are the views of the outside. If you are looking for space and feel totally calm is the ideal place, here you get off the world. Surrounded by white sand, open sea and pleasant breeze. You feel like a real privileged person. The rural world causes instant sedation. The rhythm of the countryside surrounding the sea invades you and rocks your thoughts.
There are no noises or people. You only hear the mighty sea that intimidatingly exhibits its strength. Behind your back a scrubland of pine trees, in which a few houses seem to want to hide from the sea by turning on their side, reveals the wild magnificence of that Galicia that flees from tourism and does not even want to see it because it loves to live in solitary freedom. The wooden walkway allows for walks or runs, inspiring the smell of saltpeter. Serans It is located right next to the Espiñeirido beach and it is difficult to distinguish them, they are first cousins who greet each other with hugs of salt. Human density is anecdotal.
The sunsets are mythical in the area. Either from the chiringuito O Paraíso, or from Villa Carolina. It’s what vacations have. There is time to be able to dwell on what is invisible the rest of the year. The thought you have when discovering this paradise is that you promise yourself to keep this beach to yourself. A spiritual outlet. Storing this image in the bedroom serves to draw on it when stress can. The sea lilies or sea thistles grow freely and together with the nitrophilic vegetation and the reeds and reed beds they give a lesson in adaptation to a changing environment, which is characterized by being sandy, aeolian and saline..

At your own pace, with whoever and however you want.