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It is time for the other great pleasure of Galicia and its Rías Baixas… The wines and the gastronomy!. The large expanse of coastline allows us to have a large, high-quality seafood pantry, recognized throughout the world.

Carril clams, Arcade oysters, mussels from the Ría de Arousa, razor clams, scallops and scallops, are the bivalves preferred by our visitors..
Elvers and lampreys from the mouth of the river Miño and the Río Ulla, where popular tastings are served bordalesa, in patties or batter.
Lamprey a la Bordalesa
Cuttlefish, squid, stewed or battered, and especially octopus, in all its versions, although our favorite, without a doubt, is the Galician octopus..
Octopus to Feira
The luxury of our seafood such as: crabs, spider crab, beef, lobsters, lubricants and our famous barnacles, are a clear commitment to our Galician gastronomy.
Crab from the estuary
Let’s not forget about meats, Galician veal and all products derived from pork, as well as our Cocido Gallego and our Lacón with Grelos, and we cannot forget about the Carnero or Espeto de Moraña, they make Galicia and the Rías Baixas a paradise gastronomic, which leaves no palate indifferent. Our Galician veal is a symbol of Quality.
And to accompany these delicacies, our wines and spirits with designation of origin Rías Baixas, Albariño, Condado, Rosal, Ribeira do Ulla, white and red for all tastes. Cambados is the center of Rías Baixas Val do Salnés wines, the capital of Albariño. And what to say about our liqueurs: White brandy, herbs, toast or the Coffee Liquor.
We will not leave aside, the sweetest part of our culinary paradise: nipple cheese with quince, fried canes filled with cream, cottage cheese, pancakes and chulas, our torrijas or rice pudding, the Rías Baixas will sweeten you.
The port of Ribeira 5 minutes by car from Villa Carolina, and all its surroundings, invites us to taste all this freshly brought from the sea and the countryside.. The Ribeira fish market is one of the most important in Spain and Europe for inshore fishing, that is, fishing on the day: sea bream, horse mackerel, pinto, or rapante, among others, and shellfish such as spider crab, razor blade or crab. , they are the day to day of this port. We invite you to know where to taste such rich gastronomy near our Villa.

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