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Ribeira Dolmen

Dolmen Ribeira, 2 km
Tfn.: 981 865 118 mobile 620.299.010
This restaurant specializes in tripe, omelette and empanada, it makes take away food, everything is really good and value for money is a 10. It is all homemade, we usually order food here and bring it home. It also has a letter and menu of the day. The portions are very rich and abundant.

Chiringuito O Paraíso

Espiñeirido Beach, Lugar de Seráns  56 – San Pedro de Muro – 15994. Tfn.. 981.865.284. This place is good to have a drink and also to eat, tapas and sandwiches. He walks from the house.

Bar O Posito - Corrubedo

Rúa do Porto 53 15969 Ribeira. Tfn.: 689 52 04 20 Squid and clam rations captivate, right in the port of Corrubedo. With stunning views of the beach. Exceptional value for money.

Benboa Corrubedo

Travesía Torreiro 1, 15969 Corrubedo. Tfno: 981 865 128 It has its own fish market, it is worth stopping by for a drink and getting to know it, the facilities and location are spectacular, having a few beers with tapas is a privilege, but nevertheless to eat a la carte check the daily fish market for prices. Port of Corrubedo.

Bar Ferruxe

Torreiro 2, 15969 Corrubedo. Tfn: 677.385.479 In the port of Corrubedo, for tapas. Very rich portions, especially the squid and the Ferruxe chicken, the raxo or the cheese cake.

Fontao House

Avenida de la Coruña, num 149, 15968 Ribeira. Tfno: 618.610.171 / 981.872.992 It is located 15 minutes by car from the Villa, but it has a very very rich cuisine: salty cakes, such as the spectacular bonito, croquettes and a very delicious salad. Kitchen also to take home, very abundant portions and very good value for money.

A Bodega

Rúa Cristobal Colón 1, 15960 Ribeira. Tfno: 981.972.647 Excellent service, with very delicious meals: seafood salad, scallops or the Iberian secret with potatoes. The portions are generous and good, with a very good value for money.

A Recoveira

Rúa Alcalá Galiano 4, 15960 Ribeira. Tfno: 881.862.393 Quiet place, excellent treatment and very close. Battered prawns, country cheese toast or prawns with guacamole and strawberry, Galician durum, grilled razor clams with citrus aroma or lemon mouse cake among other delicacies.

And many others that you can find here.

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