Dolmen of Axeitos

Now we take a slight detour to visit the Axeitos dolmen, a megalithic of more than 6000 years that is in Bretal, also belonging to the Ribeira council and that is less than 6 km from Corrubedo. This dolmen is a perfect example of conservation and maintenance of our history, to the point of being considered the Galician Parthenon of Megalithic Art. It is located in a lush and sheltered park protected by a small wall which is accessed completely free of charge and where you can be informed if you visit it on weekends or holidays..
The Axeitos dolmen is completely exposed, nothing remains of the original burial due to the looting suffered in the last two centuries by the popular belief that these burials hid hidden and wonderful treasures. Formerly, these stones were buried, receiving, the complete set, the name of mámoas. In fact, in this area there are a large number of them that can be visited. If you want to go through them all, you can do the route of the mámoas. How about?

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