Corrubedo Dunes Natural Park

The Corrubedo Dunes Natural Park is a protected natural area of 996.25 hectares that brings together 4 km long dune areas, paradisiacal beaches, marshes and fresh and salt water lagoons. After leaving the car in the free parking lot, we enter the dune complex to see its main attraction, the mobile dune, a spectacular dune 1 km long, 250 m wide and 20 m high. To visit it, follow the wooden walkways that are specially built to protect the environment and to be able to see the place more fully.
Two other particularly unique spots in the park are the Vixán freshwater lagoon and the Carregal salt water lagoon, which maintains its salinity by being directly communicated with the sea. A natural space with a wide diversity of flora and fauna that offers a very rich ecosystem in which species as diverse as the spurred toad coexist – the best Galician populations occur in this area -, the common tortoise – the most threatened reptile in Galicia. – or the maiden of Mercury – a threatened devil’s horse, to name just a few.

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